Per Diem DAISY Award Winner Has a Way with Patients

Per diem nurse Kara Yourczek, LVN, honored with DAISY award

By Jennifer Larson, contributor

Pull into the parking lot of Kaiser Permanente’s La Mesa Medical Offices on Parkway Drive in La Mesa, California, just outside of San Diego, and you may encounter Kara Yourczek, LVN.

Kara’s been out there, swabbing noses and administering COVID-19 tests, for months now. No matter whether it’s warm enough for short sleeves or cool enough for UGG boots and a beanie, Kara will greet you with a smile–behind her mask and face shield, of course–and offer up her gentle touch.

“The important thing is to be calm and soothing,” she says. 

It’s an approach that she has honed in previous years, administering flu tests. This year, that easy professionalism made her a perfect choice for COVID testing. In fact, her calm and gentle approach means that her coworkers tend to direct her to the more skittish patients, including the people with children in tow. 

And that’s one of the reasons that Kara was recently honored as a 2020 recipient of a DAISY Award for the excellent nursing care she has provided as a per diem nurse with Nursefinders. 

DAISY Awards were created by The DAISY Foundation to recognize nurses for outstanding patient care.  AMN Healthcare, the parent company of Nursefinders, partners with The DAISY Foundation to recognize outstanding clinicians for the work they do.

“Kara is a dedicated Nursefinders employee,” her recruiter Hillary Howser wrote in her nomination form. “She has gone above and beyond in her three years working with us. She is always jumping in to help, willing to pick up shifts on short notice and provide excellent care is all the settings she is asked to.” 

Kara has also demonstrated a passion for working in the field of dermatology, another role that she has filled for Kaiser Permanente in the San Diego area. 

In fact, you name the place, Kara will show up with a smile and a desire to help. She relished the chance to spend a few weeks working at the Magnolia Adult Day Care Center, where she was embraced by the staff and residents. Many of them are of Middle Eastern descent, and they taught Kara how to count from 1 to 10 in Arabic, as well as a handful of Arabic words. 

But no matter where she works, she always makes it a point to learn as much as she can.

“Because Nursefinders has given me the opportunity to be placed in so many difference scenarios and environments, I could see how many different offices and groups of people worked and interacted with each other,” she says. “I realized a lot of the time the attitude and atmosphere trickled down from the top. Good leaders equal a good team of staff, equal good treatment of the customers.” 

We can expect to see more great things from Kara, who is looking toward her future. When she’s not giving COVID tests or performing other duties, she is going to school to become a registered nurse. 

“Once I get my RN, I would like to work with babies or children somehow,” she says. “I actually love children of all ages, but to take care of babies all day, every day, is my idea of heaven on earth.” 

That kind of compassion and care exemplify Kara as a person and as a nurse, and are sure to take her far in her nursing career. 


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